Top Tips for Turning an Internship into a Perm Position

I’ve been a permanent Splendid employee for four months now, but I still vividly remember the day I was offered my permanent position.

Following England getting knocked out of the World Cup the night before, I arrived at work with my eyes bleary and spirits low, only to be immediately met with a “Can we have a quick word?” from Laura, my Career Development Manager.

I have no idea why, but I was genuinely expecting the worst. “I’m afraid we’ve had to cut your internship short”, or words to that effect.

Luckily, it was nothing of the sort. Six weeks after joining the Splendid Futures programme, Laura said they were offering me a full-time, permanent job as a Junior Account Executive. All of this a week before I’d even graduated from uni!

Four months on, I’m loving every day here at Splendid.

I can’t be certain exactly what it was that got me taken on as a permanent member of staff (aside from a great taste in music – reggae, anyone?). You’ll have to ask Laura and the rest of the team! Either way, these five tips should prepare any other interns in the best possible way.

Tip 1 – Work with your other interns as much as possible

You’re all in the same boat and chances are, you’ll all be working on projects together. Help each other out. Not only will it show that you’re a team player but it will also make work (and life) easier day to day.

Tip 2 – Never be afraid to ask questions

I’ve always hated asking questions but it’s so important for developing in your role. Your mentors and account managers are the best at what they do (and by default, what you want to do), so ask them as many questions as you can! It’ll prove your interest in the work and give you a direct insight into their way of thinking.

Tip 3 – Offer to help out with work throughout the agency

Offer to lend a hand wherever you can, even if it’s not a project you’re directly involved in. Despite being an intern on the social team, I helped with sell-ins for various PR clients and volunteered to assist with packing away after a client event.

This gave me invaluable experience working with the PR and events teams. More importantly, it earned me some ‘brownie points’ with senior members of staff who I wouldn’t have necessarily worked with if it weren’t for me putting myself forward.

Tip 4 – Don’t overlook your admin tasks

I know nobody wants to empty the dishwasher or water the plants, but these things don’t go unnoticed. Offer to make drinks whenever you can (and make sure you stir them really loudly).

Tip 5 – Get involved in agency life and culture

Stepping into any new job is always mega daunting. For me, this was magnified as I was also just completing uni. But getting involved in agency life, such as the Splendid Stories book club and after-work drinks helped me to bond with my colleagues on a new level. They’re a great bunch to work with, and an even better bunch to socialise with!

Splendid Futures has been an amazing springboard from university to full-time work and I hope anyone hoping to intern or currently interning finds these tips helpful. I’ve learned that you really do get what you give, and hard work does pay off.

Look mum! I got a job!