Teamwork, exciting challenges and plenty of prosecco on Fridays – what to expect when starting in PR.

Starting a career can be daunting. Most of us have a couple of weeks’ work experience, or a few internships under our belts by the time we’re looking for full-time employment, but it can still be difficult to know what we want to do, or what we’ll be good at. School and University undoubtedly teach us many skills, but unless you’re one of those lucky few with a clear path planned, it can be tricky to decide which direction to take.

I didn’t know much about PR coming out of a psychology degree, but I sensed it was fast-paced and dynamic which excited me. So, I made the decision to apply to the Splendid Futures PR Internship, to get some valuable experience in the world of PR, but also because Splendid looked like a fun place to work.

Since starting at Splendid five months ago as a PR Intern, to being promoted to PR Assistant, I’ve pulled together a brief guide as to what to expect when starting in PR, which I hope will be useful to anyone looking to apply to the Splendid Futures Programme or starting out in PR in general.

Teamwork is everything

Being a team player is essential in PR as you’re constantly in communication with your colleagues. As a junior member of the team, your main job is to support others but, on the flipside, if you ever need support with a task yourself, there will be plenty of people that can help if you ask. Rumour has it that Splendid has ‘the longest bench in east London’, which we often gather around for team discussions.  It’s one of my favourite parts of working in PR, and especially at Splendid, as I find that I produce my best work when I can share ideas and collaborate with the people around me.

Work hard, play hard

PR is indeed fast paced; it’s a lot of fun and every day brings a new challenge with plenty of tasks on the to do list. If you’re looking for a 9-5 job, PR may not be for you. Don’t let this put you off though, as having a supportive team means that people are always on hand to help and maybe pull the odd late shift with you. In a company like Splendid your hard work will always be noticed and appreciated, and let’s face it, impressing people is the key to extending your stay and hopefully bagging a permanent job. Plus, I’m never be thinking about that extra hour I stayed when I’m sipping prosecco at the Splendid Loves meeting on a Friday afternoon!

No two days are the same

One of the things I was looking for when I applied to the Splendid Futures Programme was to not do the same tasks all day every day. Monotony is not something I have encountered while working in PR. In one day you can go from writing a press release, to brainstorming new campaign ideas, and even doing makeup for models at a photo shoot for London Fashion Week! This means that you’ll never feel bored or unchallenged, and every day brings a new learning experience and opportunity to gain new skills.

Be passionate

If you’re a passionate person, you’ll go far in PR. When you love what you do, it will show in your work. Even if it’s a small admin task, being passionate about the project will drive you to do excellent work. At Splendid, it’s easy to get swept up in everyone’s excitement about their projects, so joining in with enthusiasm will get you very far.

All in all, PR is an amazing place for driven, enthusiastic and social people who want to feel like they are learning something new every day. If that sounds like you, my advice is to apply for the Splendid Futures Programme here.