08.04.19 – LinkedIn introduces reactions

LinkedIn introduces reactions

LinkedIn is introducing ‘Reactions’, 5 new ways to express how you feel and interact with the content you see in your feed. On top of the usual “Like,” users will now be able to express how they feel thanks to new reactions: Celebrate, Love, Insightful and Curious.

*Whilst Facebook introduced reactions back in 2016, LinkedIn has finally deemed that the ‘like’ button doesn’t give enough options for expression about a post. Notably, there is no negative reaction (unlike the ‘sad’ and ‘angry’ reacts on Facebook) – the network are keeping a positive spin on the way users can react to content.*


Snapchat ‘rebuilds’ it’s app for Android 

Snap has released its new Snapchat for Android app that’s been in development for over a year, rebuilt from the ground up. The new version brings significant performance upgrades, making it faster, less laggy, and less buggy than the app’s previous version.

*Android users have long complained about the service offered to them by Snapchat, deeming the app to be significantly poorer in image quality than it’s iOS counterpart. It is interesting that Snap have taken this long to release a dedicated Android app, considering they launched over seven years ago.*


Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all went down for two hours on Sunday

Facebook and Instagram were both inaccessible, with news feeds refusing to refresh and the main domain unavailable for more than two hours. WhatsApp messages were also unable to be sent or received, and several users complained that they were unable to connect to Messenger.

*Yesterday’s issues came just over a month after Facebook’s ‘worst ever outage’, when all three services were completely inaccessible for several hours. The increasing frequency of these issues highlights an obvious frailty in either Facebook’s servers or security.*