At festivals it is the norm to be checked for contraband and we wouldn’t normally expect our phones to be on the list of restricted items. However, revellers attending Fly Open Air Festival in Edinburgh this weekend have been told that they must lock away their phones while watching acts on its Boiler Room stage.

The Yondr phone case will be supplied to everyone going into the Boiler Room stage and allows attendees to keep their phones with them, but can only be unlocked by stands outside the stage entrance.

According to Festival Director Tom Ketley, the move to ban phones will allow festival attendees to ‘live in the moment’ rather than living through their phone screens. He hopes that in the future the whole festival will be phone-free.

We love the idea that festival-goers immerse themselves in the music rather than focusing on recording it all for social media and it will definitely improve the atmosphere at the stage. We do wonder whether attendees will actually abide by the rules, or if they’ll try and smuggle them in to capture some festival selfies.