Craft beer giant BrewDog decided to buck the recent trend of blockbuster-esque advertisements by creating a stripped down ad for the coveted Game of Thrones finale advertising spot. Touted as the ‘most honest ad ever’, the 30-second video simply featured the word ‘ADVERT’, a can of its beer and a heavy soundtrack from prominent metal band Meshuggah. Alongside the TV ad, you can also expect to find the ‘Advert’ adverts featured on billboards and splashed across buses.

BrewDog has come to be known for its bold one-liners, and rebellious anti-advertising advertising campaigns (throwback to last year when it vowed to give away 1 million pints as part of its ‘Don’t buy the advertising’ campaign), but ultimately is this the most ‘honest ad ever’? Arguably not… an ad is an ad after all, even if you do call it out for what it is.