We’ve all been there… six hours into a Friends marathon, and then an email comes through and disrupts your whole vibe. You don’t want to pause your show to answer it, but that email is super urgent and really shouldn’t be put off…

Never fear – Netflix has made that worry a thing of the past with its new pop-out, picture-in-picture mode. The new pop-out player will allow users to continue to stream Netflix content in the corner of their screen while using other sites or apps. Gone are the days of pausing a movie every five minutes because the group chat is getting out of control, or missing crucial scenes because you just got a DM containing a GIF of a cat being scared by a cucumber. Now, users will be able to watch endless hours of un-paused goodness, all while staying connected to the virtual world.

Netflix isn’t the first app to introduce a feature like this – YouTube paved the way with their pop-out video mobile update around a year ago. Its version of this feature, however, doesn’t keep the video on-screen if you switch to another site. Netflix has discovered a lucrative market with this tool, and we’re sure it will be well-received by many users who like to multitask. To make things even better, the player is resizable, which will be incredibly helpful depending on what else you need your screen for.

The only downside to this feature? Subtitles aren’t yet compatible, however we’re sure that if this feature proves to be popular, the addition of subtitles won’t be too far away!

In any case, we’ve all been known to attempt multitasking while watching countless hours of Orange Is The New Black, so it’s safe to say that we’re a fan of this update.