Pride month is well underway, and social media platforms are amongst those getting into the rainbow spirit. Instagram has partnered up with LGBT+ media giant, GLAAD, to implement Pride Month hashtags that are designed to change into a rainbow gradient anytime they are used during this month, much like they did last year. In addition to this, the platform has also introduced a new update to its popular Stories feature; similarly to how the Story circle turns green when applied to ‘Close Friends’, this new update transforms the Story circle into a rainbow for 24 hours after a Pride hashtag is used. However, Instagram’s most significant new feature is the addition of more inclusive gender options for its users. This is a fantastic show of support and and is a great development in terms of helping to promote inclusivity online. Off-platform, Instagram is also hosting a series of art installations which aim to highlight “lesser-known historic LGBT+ pioneers, places, and movements that have paved the way for the queer community.”

Facebook has also launched its own initiatives to celebrate Pride month by implementing a new feature in which Pride-themed backgrounds can be applied to your status to show support for the LGBT+ community.

The two biggest social media platforms coming out like this (pun intended) in support of LGBT+ people is something that could help boost the spirits of the LGBT+ community during quite a trying time, and having it happen during Pride Month is even better. Of course, hashtags and filters can only do so much, and some people have claimed that they aren’t enough, but the gender updates on both Facebook and Instagram are major in terms of inclusivity, and will definitely help the community feel supported.