Since its introduction in August 2016, Instagram Stories has continued to soar in popularity. This week saw the platform introduce yet another feature: Join Chat. Using this sticker allows people to ask their followers to join a new group chat. When someone places a chat sticker on their story, friends can tap the sticker to request access. The original poster can then select who they want to include in the chat.

Whilst many of the platform’s recent updates seem to accommodate and serve to benefit influencers, this new sticker seems to be designed for us ‘regular Joes’ – yes, people who use the platform to share snapshots of their lives, mindlessly scroll through other people’s content, and ultimately connect with friends. We are all familiar with the use of Direct Messages, with ‘… just DM me…’ becoming an often-heard phrase out and about, but this ‘Join Chat’ sticker could be here to make our lives a lot easier.

We’re not sure, however, how useful this new sticker would be to influencers. Whilst it may offer another way to connect with fans, surely being able to join a conversations via Stories (which, remember, are only available for 24 hours) would either mean unruly chaos with numerous participants, or result in a lot of fans facing disappointment at not being ‘allowed’ to join the chat.

If anything, for us, the chat sticker specifically harkens back to when Instagram wasn’t just a tool for brands and influencers to grow their following, but when it was a place where friends shared content with each other and talked about things they love – and to be honest, we’re here for it.