It’s no secret that influencers will go to extreme lengths to get brand deals and promote products to their followers. Within an increasingly saturated market, they are having to get more and more creative and business savvy in order to stand out.

This week, Instagram influencer and Director of Brand Partnerships at Goop, Marissa Casey Fuchs and her
fiancĂ© Gabriel Gossman posted a series of Instagram stories documenting their over-the-top marriage proposal adventure. Over many stories, Marissa was lead on a treasure hunt, travelling across the world to celebrate the couple’s marriage plans. All documented under the hashtag #RielLove

However, the couple have had been questioned over the authenticity of the whole proposal, as a deck detailing the experience, including where Marissa would stay and eat, as well as where she would Instagram, was released by The Atlantic. Marketeers and agencies received the desk outlining the future proposal in the context of a partnership proposal.

The couple have denied that Marissa had any input into the proposal, and she has also denied that the proposal was sponsored.

We think that undoubtedly the proposal is a cleverly crafted experience, designed to capture attention. Whether Marissa had any input into the deck or not remains a secret, but regardless, we enjoyed seeing how the story played out, sponsored or not!