You may have abandoned Snapchat, but recent reports suggest that the platform is experiencing somewhat of a resurgence. Snapchat has added 13 million daily users bringing the total number of people using the app around the world to 203 million, which is up 8% year-on-year. Addressing concerns over low quality and slow app experience, Snapchat updated their Android app optimising the app experience for Android users after complaints of low quality and slow app experience.

Whilst a more efficient app experience has undoubtedly played a role in the platform’s recent success, it would be hard to ignore the role of viral filters such as the gender-swap, the video rewind function, and the filter that made users look like babies – filters which were all exclusive to the platform. This increase in user engagement shows potential for brands and marketers to use Snapchat’s viral filters and other products in reaching a wider audience, potentially bringing more brands to use the platform as there are clear opportunities for growth.

However, we have to wonder, is this just a phase? Snapchat is cautiously optimistic about the growth in user engagement as many people simply download the app to use the filter and post the results on another platform. That being said, their Android redesign seems to have fixed many user experience issues with it encouraging previous users to send 7% more Snaps compared with the old version. Snapchat’s shares are up making them one of the stock market’s biggest winners so far this year, we’ll have to watch and see if they come out with any more innovations after such strong growth since the beginning of the year.

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