Yesterday, as the temperature in London reached an astonishing 39 degrees, and Instagram was inundated with Stories of BBQs, most of us probably weren’t thinking about why we were having a day of record breaking temperature. However, The 1975 definitely were, as they dropped their newest, self-titled single, featuring 16 year old climate change activist, Greta Thunberg.

The track features Greta reciting a call to action on the topic of climate change, and the destructive effect it is having on the planet. In the speech, recited over ambient music, Greta calls for “civil disobedience” and says that it is time to “rebel”. It acknowledges that we are on the brink of doing irreversible damage to the planet, but if we act now, there is still hope. The track is the first to be released from the band’s upcoming album “Notes on a Conditional Form”. All proceeds from the song will go to climate change group Extinction Rebellion.

In the past, critics have branded celebrities that advocate for climate change, yet fly around the world on gas guzzling private jets and drive super cars, as hypocrites. A report by The Conversation earlier this year found that the music industry has nearly doubled its climate emissions since 1977. These critics have also noticed that The 1975 are currently on a world tour, and are undoubtedly flying to their tour destinations. However, we think that any public figure standing up and fighting against climate change is better than sitting back and doing nothing.

We also think that giving Greta a worldwide platform to spread her message, and getting it into the headphones of millions of people that otherwise would never have heard it is definitely a good thing. The song allows us to take five minutes to consider the impact that climate change is having, and the way making changes in our everyday lives can help alter the trajectory that the planet is currently on.

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