July has arrived, and with it the exciting prospect of summer holidays and trips to the beach. However, the warmer weather also brings with it the societal pressure for women to strip all the hair from below our heads. Shaving, waxing, epilating or laser removal are all common activities at this time of year, and all are either painful, expensive, or both.

The movement to showcase women’s body hair in the media isn’t a new one, with the likes of Halsey and Bella Thorne proudly showcasing their hairy underarms on social. This week, US razor brand Billie released its new ad campaign entitled “Red, White and You Do You”. The ad aims to tie into the calendar hook of the 4th of July, independence day in USA and the colours associated with the American flag, red, white and blue. It shows women enjoying a day at the beach, some with body hair on display, some not. The point being that it’s up to you what you do with your hair, and removal should be seen as a personal choice rather than an expectation.

Some critics have argued that it is a bizarre move for a razor brand to champion hair growth, as surely this will impact sales. But we love that Billie hasn’t just gone down the either all shaven, or all not shaven route for the women in its ads. Just because you want to shave your legs, doesn’t mean you want to shave your armpits. We all have personal preferences when it comes to our hair removal priorities, and most of us fit somewhere along the spectrum rather than being extremely hairless or hairy. Plus, we love the overarching message of the campaign as it fits into multiple aspects of our lives, not just hair removal – YOU DO YOU!