Hinge is known as the dating app for people who want to get off dating apps, the go-to for singletons looking for love, tired of swiping right for a casual hook-up. Its latest ad campaign brings its logo to life as a live action character, a white and fluffy cube which is basically the app icon, named Hingie. Working with creative agency Red Antler, each ad shows Hingie ‘dying’ in comical ways as couples get closer, after meeting via the app. These narratives reinforce the brand’s strapline ‘The dating app designed to be deleted’, with the app essentially dying as people couple up.

The death scenarios are subtle and creative, from Hingie being pecked by birds, to being bitten by a dog and frozen in a shop freezer. The voice over on the video spots emphasise the brands messaging further, saying “Hinge wants you to meet someone great, even if it kills us.” The chief marketing officer at Hinge said the concept was designed to show the character “dying for them to find love.” It’s a simple yet effective campaign that focuses users on the app’s aim but also very on-brand since the app was redesigned in 2016 to encourage meaningful connections and lasting relationships after criticisms for perpetuating hook-up culture.

Though it seems like a risky business move to encourage people to delete the app, Hinge aims to win with the quality of the match over quantity of matches users have. The more effective users think the app is in finding love, the more likely they are to recommend it to friends. According to reports, Hinge is the fastest growing dating app in the UK this year, and though this campaign just launched it seems as though their messaging is hitting home for users which suggests this campaign will be a success for business even though their end call to action is to be deleted.

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