The ever-illusive street artist Banksy has opened a shop in Croydon called Gross Domestic Product, displaying several pieces of his artwork, some of which will be available to buy via his online shop. Amongst the number of never-seen-before pieces on display is the stab vest which he famously designed for Stormzy’s headline Glastonbury festival performance. Although the store is officially open, Banksy announced via Instagram that the doors are not, meaning fans must view the art through the display windows like an exhibition.

Banksy also revealed that he only opened the online shop in order to protect the trademark on his name from a greetings card company, which was attempting use it. Despite this, Banksy fans and art collectors alike have praised the installation, calling it ‘authentic’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘cheeky’.

While Banksy has maintained his stance on copyright by saying he ‘still encourage[s] anyone to copy, borrow, steal and amend [his] art for amusement, academic research or activism’, we love that he is protecting his intellectual property in a way only he could. Most artists have been affected by copyright issues before and this exhibition could inspire others to tackle legal problems in a genuine and artistic way.