We all know the feeling – hearing about a product, putting the date in your diary, but then realising you have missed the all-important release (because life always takes over, right?!). Well, this new Instagram feature is here to help you out.

This week Instagram released ‘Product Launch’ stickers on both Instagram Stories, and within the main feed. Brands will be able to use the ‘Product Launch’ sticker to add the date of a product launch to either a Stories upload or on-feed post. Users can then tap to set a reminder, meaning that they will receive a notification when the product is finally released.

To make the purchase process even easier, users will also be able to buy the product through Instagram’s in-app ‘Checkout’ feature. The feature is currently available to 20 brands but is expected to expand after the beta testing has finished.

This roll out capitalises on behaviour that already exists on the platform, with brands already using the countdown sticker to tease new collection drops. This is particularly good news for retailers who use the platform as the main way of communicating with their customers, like many streetwear brands and brands who have grown their cult following through the platform. The reminder sticker will likely help brands create a larger buzz around new products and this could drive more retailers to shift their ecommerce strategy to Instagram. There is huge potential for Instagram to become the go-to platform where brands can connect with consumers in an easy yet more authentic way that will also help drive sales.