Instagram has released its much anticipated messaging app for close friends called ‘Threads’, which provides users the ability to send text, video and images. While Threads exists as its own app, it serves as an extension of Instagram with a user’s contacts on Threads being defined by their ‘close friends’ list on Instagram.

Instagram say it built Threads to provide “a new way to message with close friends in a dedicated, private space”, however, many see Threads as an attempt to rival Snapchat’s intimate messaging function.

The question that remains is: will people want to download yet another app to message their friends? With our phones already cluttered, the answer could be no.

Instagram hopes that Threads’ Auto Status feature will provide the app with some pulling power. The feature provides users a status based on their location, movement, battery level and network connection. However, seeing as Threads is focused on user’s ‘close friends’, the auto status may only be helpful in finding out why your best-friend isn’t answering their phone. Instagram is hoping Threads will be a success but with users often happy to stick to the status quo, it will be hard to get them to ditch Snapchat and Instagram Direct.