Instagram releases dashboard which will allow creators and brands to manage partnerships

Instagram is the channel on which influencer partnerships thrive, as demonstrated by the fact that there were approximately 21.7 million #ad or #sponsored posts posted on the channel in 2018. The platform is, once again, looking to shake up the influencer game as it will now allow access to Facebook’s existing Brand Collabs Manager on Instagram to a “select group” of creators. This will enable influencers to share their account metrics with brands and find brands that fit their audiences via the platform, something which will become increasingly more important now that the number of likes are being hidden on posts. Creators and influencers using the program will be able to “source new deals, manage partnerships and automatically share insights with them” according to Facebook. It’s not clear which creators will be granted access and what the requirements will be for usage of the Brand Collabs Manager and whether influencers will be able to approach brands through the programme and vice versa.

This move will certainly make influencers’ lives easier as previously, the only way for influencers to share performance stats was to share screenshots of their insights or a summary of these with brands or allow third-party apps access to their account. However, this could further propel the amount of sponsored and ad content on-feed, which may turn some users off the platform if the number of sponsored posts increase.

It seems Instagram is making a move to become the biggest influencer marketing platform in the world with this dashboard, as it will essentially act as an interface between brands and influencers and will centralise the process of finding suitable partnerships without ever having to leave the app. We don’t yet know how this will affect influencers who have smaller followings nor how this might change how brand partnerships are managed, but it will be an interesting one to watch.