Ten very Splendid moments of the last decade

As 2019 (and the decade comes to a close), we thought it would be a good time to press pause and reflect on some, *not all*, of the top moments of the last ten years. From man caves to Mariah Carey…it’s been a rather busy time to say the least! Here’s the rundown from the man who has been there through it all, our CEO Alec. 

1. We got 50 countries to swap nightlife and made Smirnoff the most talked about vodka in the world (2010)

2. We launched Spotify in the US, helping to change the shape of the music business (2011)

3. We showed that Big Yellow Self storage could save relationships if couples made room in the home for a Man Cave, an insight that garnered front page news coverage (2012)

4. We discovered that Bedford was Britain’s most generous town for JustGiving (2014)

5. We built a car you could drive using only the power of your mind, to communicate that is for drivers who use their brain (2015)

6. We established World Cucumber Day as a global celebration for Hendrick’s gin, providing tips for feline fans on how to keep their cats calm while enjoying a Hendrick’s and tonic (2016)

7. We hired an official Christmas Lights Untangler to launch the Tesco campaign, Every Little Helps Make Christmas, and Jacob Rees-Mogg talked about it on Have I Got News For You (2017)

8. Our launch of the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll was noted by one person as “[doing] more for veganism in one week than PETA has done in 30 years” (2019)

9. In the process of doing the above, Piers Morgan got annoyed, a feat we repeated at the tail end of the year when dear Piers took offence to our Maria Carey-inspired Christmas crisp mailers for Walkers (2019)

10. We turned our office into a nightclub and danced to save the planet, raising money for the World Land Trust(2019), providing a fitting finale to ten years of brilliant Splendid parties in our Tabernacle Street home as we prepare to move to a new Shoreditch location next year

…we told you it had been a bumper of a decade – here’s to the next!