Instagram direct messaging finally comes to desktop

A long awaited Instagram update is here…you’ll finally be able to DM from your desktop! Yes, that’s right, the capability has been opened up to a small percentage of users around the globe as a test. Instagram has said that eventually, desktop users will be able to see when they’ve received new DMs, access their whole inbox, start new message threads, send photos and share posts from their feed via DM. They will not, however, be able to capture images, send videos or view non-disappearing ones via the desktop feature. The introduction of this new feature follows on from the platform’s recent release of ‘Threads’, its messaging app that launched to help encourage the sharing of content and messages within your ‘Close Friends’ group.  

This update will ultimately make it easier for people from all sectors to use the app, whether it be for business or social reasons, particularly for small brands who haven’t invested in third party software to manage their Instagram inbox. It allows users to answer DMs without having to switch device which, let’s face it, can be tedious and distracting. There are questions, however, about how this will fit into Facebook’s plans for unifying its messaging platforms, but for now we’re excited that we *fingers crossed* will eventually be able to DM from the comfort of our desktops.