Snapchat creates logo ‘scan’ feature to activate AR experiences

Snapchat is testing an ad feature called ‘Snapchat Scan’ which will allow users to ‘scan’ a brand logo to unlock a branded AR lens or other dynamic content Snapchat has initially offered the capability to two of the world’s biggest brands: McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. The introduction of this feature will ultimately mean users can scan the logo on an item of McDonald’s branded packaging, and as a result, unlock exclusive app-exclusive content or an AR lens. Once activated, the lenses will appear in the user’s Lens Carousel so they can be used again.

Snapchat have said that this new feature is designed to help brands take their marketing campaigns from digital alone to incorporating real life products into their creative content. If successful, ‘Snapchat Scan’ could also help drive further engagement, particularly if the visual elements are fun and interesting to users. This increase in shareability of the brand’s content could in turn engage a larger audience on the platform.

Whilst the current ‘scan’ option allows users to unlock Snapchat AR lenses, this technology could eventually be used by brands to offer exclusive app-only discounts, promotions or to provide information about products in a quick and easy way. This has the potential to become a major element of Snapchat moving forward and is successful, will certainly encourage more brand and retailer activity on the platform. This also shows that AR isn’t going anywhere, with platforms continuing to develop new technology to retain customers and bring them new brand experiences, we can’t wait to see what Snapchat develops next.