Influencer marketing

Is influencer marketing in an authenticity crisis?

People are exhausted by marketing. They are overwhelmed by ads every day, trust in traditional advertising is at a low point, and now technology exists to help digital audiences block […]

Facebook launches Watch

Facebook introduces streaming service

What is it? Facebook has launched ‘Watch’, a tab which will house original content created by its partners. What does it do? This new feature is still in its infancy […]


Instagram launches shared live stream broadcasts

What is it? Instagram has started to test live stream broadcasts with a friend via a split-screen. What does it do? The new feature will allow users to invite a friend […]

giphy online gif maker

GIPHY has created a browser-based GIF Maker

What is it? GIPHY has created GIF Maker, an online tool that works in your browser – mobile or otherwise. What does it do? Just go to GIPHY.com/create/gifmaker upload an image and […]

P&G partner my black is beautiful for the talk

Reminding kids that black is beautiful

For black parents in America, having ‘the talk’ with their children involves more than awkward euphemisms around ‘the birds and the bees’. It’s a warning about racial bias they may […]


It’s time to celebrate World Emoji Day

Forget Christmas and Valentine’s Day – on Monday the world celebrated the most important date in the calendar: World Emoji Day. Brands rallied to craft creative campaigns, and we even […]

Ads now feature in Messenger App

What is it? Facebook has started testing ads in the Messenger app. What does it do? Ads are due to start appearing on the home tab of the Messenger app which, […]

Dirty Bones Dishes out Instagram Kits

What is it? Staff at the Soho chain of the restaurant, which originated in New York, are offering diners a free photography kit to up their Instagram game. What does it […]

Snapchat gets serious with updates

What is it? Snapchat announced a massive update over the weekend, introducing not one, but three new functions which will change the way people share content, and will fundamentally alter […]

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