Real World Influencer Marketing

Splendid has been in the business of earning credibility for brands for 13 years, and never has this skill been more important for brands than now.

Real people in the real world are exhausted by digital marketing. They are overwhelmed by ads, trust in traditional advertising is a low and ad-blockers are helping them avoid it altogether.

Influencer marketing can solve these challenges, but as brands invest record sums the rise of shortcuts, bad briefs and inauthentic stories mean many are not seeing a return.

Influencer marketing is in an authenticity crisis.

Introducing Advocate Match

An innovative, robust digital storytelling product that identifies influencers who are truly relevant and authentic on multiple levels, leading to natural, multi-faceted stories that build a thread through a wider campaign with clear objectives to drive success.

Our people-first approach to influencer marketing helps our brand partners to build advocacy for the long-term.

To find out more about ADVOCATE MATCH and how we can help your brand earn credibility, build advocacy and deliver success, contact us here

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