“We love what we do and love these things we didn’t.”


A scientific study has shown that people’s taste preference for Marmite is in their genes. Called The Marmite Gene Project, the study commissioned by Unilever gives weight to its long-time marketing slogan, “Love it or hate it”. DNAFit, the genetic testing centre behind the research, has published a scientific white paper detailing how people are genetically more likely to be lovers or haters of Marmite.


For fourteen long years Kelis has left the world wondering what sort of milkshake it is that brings all the boys to the yard, but now we finally know.

The recipe was unveiled as part of a collaboration with Bailey’s for National Chocolate Milkshake Day (12 September) and also acts as a teaser for her upcoming cookbook called My Life on a Plate: Recipes From Around The World.

What’s in the drink? Baileys, ginger beer, four scoops of chocolate ice-cream and five pieces of candied ginger.


In case you weren’t already aware, Netflix series Stranger Things returns on October 27 for another trip to the fictional town of Hawkins.

To help launch the series, Netflix is going back to the 80s on social media.

Last month, the show’s official Twitter account began giving fans a teaser by launching a weekly recap of each episode of the first season under the hashtag #StrangerThursdays and tying each episode back to a classic ’80s film.

filling flicks

What if the trend for recipe videos received the Hollywood-director treatment?

Well, that’s exactly what self-described freelance foodie-for-hire David Ma has done with his latest food flicks.

The series of short movies re-imagines the standard recipe video but in the style of four famous directors: Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Alfonso Cuarón, and Michael Bay.

jaguar is anything but dull

Jaguar has used a Scottish village to prove that its new flagship motor is one of the most exciting cars in the world to drive.

The iconic brand filmed its latest ad in Dull, Perthshire – and its twin town of Boring, in Oregon, USA.

The stunning commercial is set in some of Scotland’s finest scenery and was released to mark a holiday celebrating the twinning of the two places.

that’s appbarrassing

Toyota’s new app from Saatchi & Saatchi London functions as a teen’s virtual parent while they’re driving.

Both a parent and teen download the Safe and Sound app, which is available on all Android devices in Europe.

Next, it senses if the vehicle is moving faster than 9 mph, flipping into ‘do not disturb’ mode and proceeding to play the parent’s Spotify playlist.


Meme-fanatic, 17-year-old Anushk Mittal, spent a long time searching for the perfect meme-only social media app. So when he couldn’t find one, he decided to take matters into his own hands and build the product himself.

The result? Memeois, the first ever app built solely for browsing, discovering, sharing and creating memes.


If you’re looking to capture that perfect street snapshot, your smartphone camera might not do the trick.

You need a Canon – according to its newest campaign. The ad, which features a chaotic Rube Goldberg sequence to the song “City’s Alive” by Chief White Lightning, is a dazzling, upbeat and charming tribute to perspective.


Meet Gus, the gorilla who has been unveiled at Finsbury Avenue Square, as part of WILD LIFE, an interactive exhibition combining physical and digital sculpture. Download the app to bring AR animations to life, highlighting the plight of endangered animals around the world.

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