Real World SEO

One of the primary beliefs here at Splendid is that if you can’t knit, then you can never get a jumper. Creating real stories that connect with real people in the real world is what we do. Enabling the story to travel and remain intact wherever and however it is told is what we call Knitting. The Google algorithm has evolved to a point where content validation from real people is the currency for success in organic search rankings. This plays right into the Splendid DNA…

Introducing YARN

The award-winning people-first creativity blueprint. We focus on delivering stories that travel, by knitting “people-first” content to build affinity, earn links and grow ranking.

As well as being specialists in the traditional methods of optimisation, outreach and reporting, we have over 10 years of relationships with journalists that we can tap into to really make a story fly.

To find out more about YARN and how we can help your brand win in search.

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