What we
did Splendidly

The Outcome:

Over 150,000 Pride androids were created across 200 countries, all marching together in a virtual parade on giant digital screens during pride in London, San Francisco and New York

  • 25 bespoke characters created
  • 73 social posts delivered
  • Over 11 million reach
  • 55,000 interactions across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Android #andproud

To engage influencers to take part in the #andproud digital parade for Pride as part of the “Be together. Not the same” Android campaign.

Like regular people, celebrities and influencers love to share images that are unique to them and say something about who they are.

We created personalised digital Android versions of key out and proud celebrities and influencers including Sam Smith and Sir Ian McKellen. These were sent to them as a piece of bespoke content for their channels.
A teaser video announced the famous faces supporting the campaign. The celebrities promoted the video and encouraged others to do the same via their Twitter accounts.
Social media influencers were also asked to take part in the #andproud virtual parade. Institutions like the London Fire Brigade and the V&A joined the ranks alongside other household names like Jamie Oliver and Ben Cohen.