What we
did Splendidly

The Outcome:

The Grande Fromagemas was the best-selling special burger in the restaurant’s history.

  • 2.9M views with 61% VTR rate
  • 60 pieces of coverage

We Launched the UK’s Cheesiest Burger

The Challenge: To build excitement around Byron’s sixth consecutive annual Cheesemas menu.

People-First Insight: Christmas doesn’t automatically make you think of going out for a burger and although cheese is part of the festive menu, conversation at this time of year tends to focus on traditional staples such as turkey and mince pies.

The Story: We positioned Byron’s new Grande Fromagemas burger as ‘The UK’s Cheesiest Ever Burger’ and brought it to life through an engaging video asset that was most alluring in its highly sensuous depiction of oozing cheese. In the video, we detail all ten (yes, ten) layers of cheese that make up the UK’s cheesiest burger. For the video, we partnered with Charlie Barber of Barber’s cheesemongers, the world’s oldest Cheddar-makers, in order to find out if Byron’s burger really stood up against every other burger in the UK as the cheesiest. His professional opinion? A resounding yes.

In addition to the video, we invited journalists and influencers to try the burger ahead of it being launched in restaurants and encouraged them to write and post about the experience on social. As a result we achieved write ups  in The Evening Standard, Metro and TIme Out.