An integrated campaign to drive MoneySuperMarket SEO


To achieve stand-out for MoneySuperMarket in online ‘car insurance’ searches – one of the most competitive terms in organic search.


Boost MoneySuperMarket’s natural search ranking to get to a steady search position of #1 or #2 instead of fluctuating between #1 and #4.


To bring to life the idea of ‘crushing’ car insurance quotes we created a campaign that gave the public the opportunity to crush real life cars – in EPIC style.

We launched with two influencer days where motoring bloggers could drive Monster Trucks and Tanks and use them to obliterate real life cars.

Then came the epic finale. Using a live link to a warehouse location, we gave the public, media and influencers the chance to control a giant transformer-like robotic hand via Facebook and crush actual cars in real-time, using keyboard commands.

To extend earned media appeal, we enlisted the help of ex-TOWIE star, Amy Childs, who is known for her love of cars. She provided media currency and an engaged social audience to help spread the word.


We optimised search delivering #1 position for four days, during which period MoneySuperMarket reported an 8% uplift in organic search traffic.

  • 430 million opportunities to see within 48 hours with 100% message delivery on brand mentions and ‘car insurance’

  • 7 million reach on owned channels and 10.4 million #EPICCarCrusher impressions with over 51,000 consumers taking an action on Facebook (click, comment or like) and four promoted tweets driving 411,597 impressions and 131,249 engagements