What we
did Splendidly


An integrated campaign to reignite love for the brand and drive sales


Marmite, the spread people either love or hate, found itself in a sticky situation. Jars were being pushed to the back of the cupboard and people across Britain were forgetting about it.


Reignite passion and love for the brand and get people to get their jar out from the back of the cupboard and back on the table.


We created ‘End Marmite Neglect’, an integrated campaign to raise awareness of the issue and drive positive action.

The campaign started with a national news story where we brought the issue of Marmite neglect to life, with the real-life statistic that one in ten Brits had not opened their Marmite jar in three months.

The TV ad drove people to Facebook where we let them demonstrate their support for the End Marmite Neglect cause in three ways. They could donate their social space to host pre-written End Marmite Neglect slogans, nominate their friends to receive a ‘rehomed’ jar, or pledge to help end Marmite neglect with their own awareness raising initiative.

We sent a Marmite Rehoming Unit van across the country placing Marmite jars into loving homes, as nominated by friends and families.

We engaged with superfans who donated ‘extreme space’ to the Marmite Neglect cause: one man changed his name via deed poll to ‘Mr. Marmite’, a woman donated her car to be wrapped with Marmite branding, a giant jar was painted on another’s house; and we also branded a donated flock of sheep.


We galvanised the nation to get behind Marmite and delivered a sales increase of 15.2% year on year.

Campaign statistics also included:

  • 157 pieces of coverage with an OTS of over 66 million
  • 20 national news pieces
  • Six pieces of broadcast coverage including The Wright Stuff and Lorraine
  • Throughout the campaign, 6,312 people offered their support to end Marmite neglect
  • The End Marmite Neglect landing page had 32,847 hits, the Facebook page gained 9,490 new fans and Twitter had 2,574 new followers