What we
did Splendidly

The Outcome:

We delivered media coverage that demonstrated the AA’s commitment to being more than a breakdown service

  • 67 pieces of coverage
  • 771 million OTS

We got drivers back on the road stress free

A consumer PR campaign for the AA


Deliver a consumer PR campaign to reinforce the AA’s promise to go the extra mile for members and get them back on the road after a motoring setback, feeling like nothing happened and having peace of mind.


When a vehicle breaks down, panic and anxiety often set in immediately. Once the driver has called the AA, they know help is on its way but it’s still hard for anxiety to not build up.


We commissioned research into car breakdown anxieties and created two stories to take the media on a journey from breakdown to rescue and beyond.


Our research showed that it can take drivers most of a working week to banish the stress of a breakdown. To help alleviate this we recruited a meditation and mindfulness expert who created a unique set of roadside mindfulness tips. We turned these into a guided track on a free phone number, which drivers could call to keep them calm while they wait for the AA Patrol to arrive.


Data also showed that car breakdown is one of the most frequent white lies told as a reason for being late, so when it really happens there is fear of not being believed. We launched a ‘Proof of Excuse’ service, whereby the AA Patrol would take a time and date stamped selfie with the customer that they could send to their boss or friends as evidence.