What we
did Splendidly

The Outcome:

Despite heated competition, hudl2 enjoyed phenomenal success with sales rising 23% year on year.


  • 440 pieces of coverage with an OTS of 22.9 billion
  • 42 national news pieces
  • 5-star rating recieved from Pocket-Lint and Gadget Show
  • Over 1 million impressions across Twitter and Facebook

We got families into a hudl

Integrated campaign to launch the Tesco hudl2


Launch hudl2, the Tesco own-brand second-generation tablet, to key media and influencers ahead of Christmas when there’s stiff competition from tech brands.


A defined, creative, channel-neutral communications platform to support the launch of the hudl2.


We created a campaign platform of ‘Let’s hudl’, which positioned hudl2 as a highly social device that brought the whole family together. We executed this in three key phases:

First, we teased the media and social community in a quirky, unexpected way with a bespoke magic 8-ball revealing clues about the hudl2 specs. Then we invited key media to an exclusive preview event and gifted tablets for key contacts to review. Coinciding with the launch, we developed Tesco’s first Vine content, commissioning animations featuring the hudl2 boffins who explained the key features.

Finally, based on the insight that friends and families ‘hudl’ around a tablet for entertainment, we continued the conversation by holding a radio day with ITV’s gadget girl Nikki Moore, who revealed research about modern technology connecting families. We also captured video content of Tesco customers cracking corny Christmas cracker jokes written by comedian David Schneider and team.