What we
did Splendidly

The Outcome:

Hendrick’s Gin firmly claimed World Cucumber Day with 25 markets confirming involvement in the campaign

  • 3 million views of the video
  • 39 million OTS across PR and Social
  • 81 pieces of coverage globally

An integrated global
campaign for Hendrick’s


Create a global campaign to raise awareness of the Hendrick’s signature cucumber serve. Ensure the idea has global appeal to secure activation of the idea by at least 10 markets.


For some bizarre, irrational and curious reason, and as proved on endless YouTube clips, cats worldwide are terrified of cucumbers. 


A curious campaign to help cat owners keep their feline friends calm for World Cucumber Day.

We worked with renowned animal behaviourist, Dr. Mugford, to ascertain exactly why cats are afraid of cucumbers and to offer a variety of techniques and tips to keep cats calm so their owners could enjoy a Hendrick’s and tonic garnished with a slice of cucumber. We took an existing ‘Cucumber Day’ global, creating World Cucumber Day and through the brand’s peculiar and surreal personality, launched it globally in this unique way.

We used this information to create a humorous spoof campaign video. The video starred Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador, David Piper, seeding the concept of the day and delivering the animal behaviourist’s tips to keep cats calm. The video was shot in a typically unusual and whimsical Hendrick’s way.

Alongside Hendrick’s Gin and lead creative agency Quaker City Mercantile, we collaboratively created assets such as Dr. Mugford’s top tip cards, a greetings card to accompany creative media mailers and a World Cucumber Day themed cocktail – The Catnip & Cucumber Cooler. Local markets then engaged with media and bartenders whilst amplifying this content on social.