What we
did Splendidly


Live music activation generating powerful content and wide coverage


In live music activations the band can easily overshadow the brand. How can we create an event where Jack Daniel’s enjoys centre stage?


Put on a live show for Jack Daniel’s that earns coverage beyond just the music press, and that can also generate a piece of shareable content achieving over a million views.


As part of ‘Jack Rocks’, the music platform we developed, Splendid created ‘Jack Rocks Your Town’. This dramatised Jack Daniel’s rock and roll credentials by staging the biggest, rockingest gig possible in the quietest town we could find, a place clearly in need of some rock and roll. We arranged for a rising US band, The Rival Sons, to start their world tour in the unlikely location of Holmfirth, a tiny picturesque town in West Yorkshire.

Referencing classic tour movies and juxtaposing this peaceful country setting with swaggering LA rockers, our production crew filmed the band landing on the cricket pitch in a Jack Daniel’s branded helicopter. The band then explored the town, gave fans an impromptu pub sing-along and put on a great show in the beautiful Holmfirth Picturehouse. Support from The Bohicas and an exciting afterparty, with Radio 1’s Clara Amfo and The Coral’s Nick Power DJing, finished the night in style.


To get all we needed from a single event was a real challenge, but the idea met the competing needs of the brand, the band, different media, the gig and the town itself. Holmfirth had a night it will never forget.

  • 3.6m total views of Jack Rocks Your Town video content across all paid and social activity
  • 45 pieces of coverage with an OTS of over 78 million