What we
did Splendidly

The Outcome:

During the campaign period, Wotsits Giants helped deliver the biggest ever sales week in the history of Wotsits  

  • 197 pieces of earned media coverage
  • 430 million combined OTS 
  • 100% of coverage included at least one key message 
  • 100% positive sentiment in coverage 


The Challenge 

Our brief was to drive awareness and consideration to trial the new Wotsits Giants on their national roll out, amplifying the big idea ‘Size Matters when it comes to snacks’.  

People-First Insight 

It is universally acknowledged that when it comes to most things in life… size matters. We took this playful tongue in cheek insight and used it to build a campaign around the size of Wotsits. 


We began by setting the world record for the biggest snack on the planet, working with the Walkers factory production team to create a 10.66m Wotzilla on the factory floor and filming the attempt. The monster snack, which broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® record for ‘Longest Puffed Corn’exploded into earned media with the story even being covered on Good Morning Britain and the BBC News. 

We then went on to rally the nation to check out the size of their snacks, announcing a £10k reward for the largest Wotsits Giant in the UK. Consumers had to measure their Wotsits, with the largest being called in for inspection. To make this travel into earned, we had a little help from Karl Chamberlain, who works in quality control at Walkers – a job that involves him measuring and tasting Wotsits Giants for a livingStarring Karl, our humorous ‘How to Measure your Wotsits’ video helped us secure multiple national hitsand ensure the nation was well equipped for the task.  

We also drove further engagement with the competition by producing special fully recyclable media mailers containing all the tools required to measure a Wotsit. By using social listening, we also managed to secure coverage from high-profile individuals who we knew would enjoy Wotsits Giants. Celebrity fan Katherine Ryan even opened up our sizeable media mailer live on Instagram Stories to her 643k followers, and linked through to our page 

To top it all off, we used product placement to show off the national availability of Wotsits Giants, securing coverage with 100% branded image inclusion.